December 2017
November 2017
November 2017
Diversity Campaign
November 2017
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As promised, we are announcing our randomly picked winners. All the winners followed our rules and were picked using a random number selector. 

Unfortunately, no one participated for Day 8 and those that did, did not follow the contest rules. Sorry!!
(This just means we will be having another giveaways soon)

Here are the winners:

Day 1: @kenncampbell 

Day 2: @ontherytepaige 

Day 3: @marias1976

Day 4: @fancynancylafrancey 

Day 5: @healthywholeandwell

Day 6: @andreamorrow

Day 7: @crystal_and_justin 

Day 8: —

Day 9: @atsixes

Day 10: @mikekdirk

Day 11: @michelleandbrookeshop

Day 12: @al_and_guy_the_husky

Congratulations! If you see your handle on here, please email us at with your mailing name and address. 

We’ll start shipping out the prizes on 28th! Congratulations again and thank you to those all that participated!! 

Woot woot! 

Merry Christmas from all of us at SuperSnaps.


Erin and Jean’s story is a love story like no other. Two completely different paths that combined into one to create a beautiful family. Though they really are picture perfect family, they have had many challenges, they are unconventional yet traditional, and have persevered it all with the love and respect they have for each other.

One thing that captured us the most is the mutual respect and the support between Erin and Jean and the love that they have for their Theo. It was instantly evident as they allowed SuperSnaps team to walk into their house.

Theo, full of energy, was the centre of the household and we knew as soon as he danced to Drake, that this little guy is a special one.

Like many young families, family time is extremely valuable to Erin, Jean, and Theo, especially with Jean working full time and Erin holding down the fort.  Anyone can see that Christmas season for this family was all about spending with each other. 

How lucky SuperSnaps team was to get a glimpse of this wonderful family.


  1. Calcium: Seaweed is high in calcium, more than broccoli. Good for your bones, hair, and nails. 
  2. Iodine: What seaweed is mostly known for. This is critical for your thyroid to make sure your hormones keep in balance. 
  3. Boost your metabolism! It’s nutritional values are known to kick your metabolism on another gear to keep your body lean and strong.
  4. Omega 3s: All of us obsess over avocado toast and its omega 3s. 1 serving of seaweed has equivalent of omega 3s of two avocados
  5. Fibre: Keeping your tummy away from bloating and digestive friendly 
  6. Anti-inflammatory: keeping that skin glowing 
  7. Low in calories: Meaning you can eat and eat and eat!
  8. Mood booster: Studies say it can reduce fatigue and boost your mood. Eat things that make you happy y’all. 
  9. Vitamins: A,B6, B12, and C. Boosting your immune system
  10. Lower your blood pressure: Keep your heart healthy! 

As a Canadian company, we hold strongly to our values of diversity and unity.

To promote the different backgrounds and lifestyle of everyone, we are organizing a campaign to shed a light to show what an average North American family looks like.

We are looking for families that would like to participate in this campaign and are willing to spend a little time getting their photos taken. So if you are a white picket fence family, a newly wed or common law couple, single mom or Dad, multi racial Family, a group of professionals under one roof, part of LGBTQ community, a professional and animals, or actually just anyone who loves that is living in Vancouver area and would like to help our humble company promote this message, please email us at

Thank you.

Christine Hoh


To kick off November, we are holding a simple Instagram/FB contest for North America. We wanted to be a small help. 

The Prize: 5 packages of SuperSnaps and $100 Amazon gift card.

The rules are simple.

How to win:

1. Follow @eatsupersnaps on IG and FB

2. Tag a friend and a retailer you’d like to buy SuperSnaps from in the comments 

For extra chance to win:

Take a photo of you and SuperSnaps and tag us

Contest ends on November 15th and the winner will be announced on November 17th. 

Good luck! 



I thought it was the dream. Working in the Bay, living among the forward thinking entrepreneurs that are shaping up what the future looks like. I remember the day I got the news that I got the position and how excited I was. My homegirl, Jenny, knows this as she was with me when I got the news.

But within a month of me taking the position, looking for places in the Bay to move into, I quickly realized, I still had the emptiness I had and the anxiety I had before I took the job. My anxiety had gotten so bad that my health started deteriorating. My health advisors (doctors, naturopaths, etc.) all have told me that I should take some time off to get my health back.

By the way, those that don’t know me, I am Pesco-Vegan, I work out (though not as much as I should to look like an IG model), I meditate everyday, I don’t drink, smoke, or do any drugs. I live a very clean lifestyle. So when I was feeling constantly fatigue, nauseous, and my weight was health advisors all were concerned. With adrenal problems in the past (“pre-existing” condition), all the advisors were saying I was under too much stress and it has aggravated my condition and is affecting my health.

And then it happened. An opportunity to go full time on my own. Enough savings, family and friends who supported me, and then I got thinking. I felt more alive building a business of my own and sharing my vision and values. The thought of going on my own full time terrified me but working for a place that I felt limited in the work I was doing was even more terrifying.

To me, everything in my life was pointing me in one direction. Quit and pursue this opportunity. So I left tech industry to build SuperSnaps. I still get my passion for tech fix as I consult for start ups but I’m very happy to itch my passion for food.

The biggest lesson I learned from making this decision was this. No one can tell you what your dream is. Everyone is willing to support and help you as you become honest and work to build your dream.

I don’t know if SuperSnaps will be successful. I don’t know if I’ll go back to working for someone. But I do know that if I hadn’t done this, not only will I have lost my health but it would’ve been the biggest regret of my life.

Follow SuperSnaps at FB and IG: @eatsupersnaps as I share SuperSnaps with the world.