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November 2017
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November 2017
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As promised, we are announcing our randomly picked winners. All the winners followed our rules and were picked using a random number selector. 

Unfortunately, no one participated for Day 8 and those that did, did not follow the contest rules. Sorry!!
(This just means we will be having another giveaways soon)

Here are the winners:

Day 1: @kenncampbell 

Day 2: @ontherytepaige 

Day 3: @marias1976

Day 4: @fancynancylafrancey 

Day 5: @healthywholeandwell

Day 6: @andreamorrow

Day 7: @crystal_and_justin 

Day 8: —

Day 9: @atsixes

Day 10: @mikekdirk

Day 11: @michelleandbrookeshop

Day 12: @al_and_guy_the_husky

Congratulations! If you see your handle on here, please email us at with your mailing name and address. 

We’ll start shipping out the prizes on 28th! Congratulations again and thank you to those all that participated!! 

Woot woot! 

Merry Christmas from all of us at SuperSnaps.


Erin and Jean’s story is a love story like no other. Two completely different paths that combined into one to create a beautiful family. Though they really are picture perfect family, they have had many challenges, they are unconventional yet traditional, and have persevered it all with the love and respect they have for each other.

One thing that captured us the most is the mutual respect and the support between Erin and Jean and the love that they have for their Theo. It was instantly evident as they allowed SuperSnaps team to walk into their house.

Theo, full of energy, was the centre of the household and we knew as soon as he danced to Drake, that this little guy is a special one.

Like many young families, family time is extremely valuable to Erin, Jean, and Theo, especially with Jean working full time and Erin holding down the fort.  Anyone can see that Christmas season for this family was all about spending with each other. 

How lucky SuperSnaps team was to get a glimpse of this wonderful family.