1. Calcium: Seaweed is high in calcium, more than broccoli. Good for your bones, hair, and nails. 
  2. Iodine: What seaweed is mostly known for. This is critical for your thyroid to make sure your hormones keep in balance. 
  3. Boost your metabolism! It’s nutritional values are known to kick your metabolism on another gear to keep your body lean and strong.
  4. Omega 3s: All of us obsess over avocado toast and its omega 3s. 1 serving of seaweed has equivalent of omega 3s of two avocados
  5. Fibre: Keeping your tummy away from bloating and digestive friendly 
  6. Anti-inflammatory: keeping that skin glowing 
  7. Low in calories: Meaning you can eat and eat and eat!
  8. Mood booster: Studies say it can reduce fatigue and boost your mood. Eat things that make you happy y’all. 
  9. Vitamins: A,B6, B12, and C. Boosting your immune system
  10. Lower your blood pressure: Keep your heart healthy!